La Fondation Godley is a Montreal based public foundation dedicated to sustainable living in developing countries through education, health and food security. The foundation sprung from Patricia Godley’s vision of helping others in a way that reflects her values: cooperation, solidarity and respect.

After several years as owner of a wholesale bakery, Godley Gourmandises, Patricia decided to pursue her true dreams to be in service of others and in sharing the blessings she has been graced with.

In 2017, Patricia left for Sri Lanka to volunteer at a women’s centre as a business advisor for local handicraft village women and differently abled people. She had always wanted to help others, but it is in Sri Lanka that both her eyes and heart opened.

“There is a specific moment where I realised the true beauty and simplicity in sharing. One day, I bought a lunch packet for a homeless man on the streets of Kandy. When I handed it to him, he looked into my eyes in a way that no one had before, he bowed at my feet (which is part of the culture in SL) and he did so every time he saw me for the following few months, though I would always try to stop him as it makes me uncomfortable. But I clearly remember his eyes, it was beautifully overwhelming , I had to hide in an alley and cry. Of course it wasn’t the only time in my life that I had helped a brother or sister, but that moment, that man, those eyes, opened something in me.

I realised that the only obstacle stopping me from helping others was myself. And how I was trapped in thinking that I can’t do anything for I am but one person. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As individuals, we have so much power, we simply need to change our focus, and share our uniqueness with each other.”

And so it is with immense gratitude that we have started the foundation.

La fondation Godley is a volunteer-based organization with no paid staff or office space, and we gratefully benefit from free services offered by many professionals and companies. This helps us keep administrative costs at an absolute minimum. 100% of our funds go directly to the children and projects we support.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to offer solutions to children and their families to break the cycle of poverty which is being perpetuated by economic realities.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of:
John Godley • Claudette Godley • Patricia Godley