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We started our humble foundation just over a year ago long before the turmoil of the pandemic and we hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound. The pandemic has had an impact on the children and families we support, but all in all they are doing quite well thanks to your support and generosity. We are happy to share our latest news with you. You will see in our photos, the children and their smiles, their laughter, their giving hands… We thank them for opening our hearts and we are grateful to know them and to be part of their lives.


The Foundation was first inspired by a young boy in Tanzania named Maliki. Maliki is paralysed and lives with his grandmother. We began with providing him with a wheelchair, food and clothing, medical insurance and we slowly began the medical journey to learn the reasons behind his paralysis. Today, through his insurance, he is now getting physical therapy three times a week at the Mumbhili hospital in Dar Es Salam. However, transportation is a problem and so we provide them with a taxi to bring them to and fro. Maliki’s grandmother is getting older and cannot carry him anymore. So we are presently looking for a children’s home, that can take them both. Maliki presently sleeps on the floor and he has been asking us for a bed, we hope to be able to answer his request for Christmas.

For the past two January’s, we have provided 19 children with their school supplies: school bag, shoes, socks, books, pencils, geometry set, and uniforms. This year we have also began the process to supply each of these children with yearly medical insurance (100$ US each). Several of the children need urgent care, like Godfrey and his foot, and Said with his eye. Also, malaria is still rampant and the families usually don’t have any money in case of such emergencies. The insurance would relieve the need to scramble for money if anything would happen to the children.

Due to the epidemic, the price of food has gone up and with the combination of schools being closed, meaning one less meal a day, many of our families were going hungry. Aristides, our foundation contact in Tanzania, visited each family and provided them with basic supplies during the months of April and May. This visit inspired us to find a way to visit the children on a monthly basis, checking up on their health, their school progress and to simply let them know that we care about them and are in this all together.

The Godley Foundation is a collection of family and friends that believe in the healing of the planet and its people. We are living in times that are both beautiful and difficult. Times that seem to be ruled by greed, hatred and war, but darkness cannot be fought with darkness, only with light. The Godley Foundation hopes to bring awareness that all individuals contribute to the healing of our planet and its habitants. No matter our race, our age, our gender, our beliefs, our economical positions, our abilities, we need each other to heal. The Godley Foundation is about sharing, cooperation and exchange.

Two of our children are female cousins that we’re being taken care by their grandmother. Sadly, she passed away at the beginning of summer. We are providing them with food and rent and other needs until the local social services can help out. These girls were already in a vulnerable situation, and now with their grandmother gone, they are one step away from being homeless and on the streets. We are so grateful to be able to help them in this difficult time, and that is thanks to you.

Sri Lanka

Patricia returned to Doloswala Rubber and tea estate in February 2020 to teach English and to spend precious time with the children. The community is working hard and is organising a program alongside with Father Jeewantha and his acolytes, bringing the children together for after school studies in mathematics, Sinhala, history and English. The foundation has contributed to these efforts by building tables and benches to accomodate more students as the local school lacks teachers in certain subjects. The students come from neighbouring villages and are of various beliefs.

The community is very proud to announce the acceptance of the Plantation’s first student as an undergraduate. Arumary is a bright young woman with big dreams and is attending . One of our generous donors, Paul, offered her a tablet to help her along with her studies.

We also continue to provide private tutoring for Ashan, a young boy with a disability that prevents him from attending school. Patricia spent every morning with him, also impressed by how much he has improved in less than a year. Following her departure, she retained the services of a tutor. We hope one day that Ashan , just like Maliki, can attend school and reach their full potential.

A very special thank you to Kevin and Michele, for their trust and generosity. None of this would be possible without your kindness.

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