Newsletter #2 – September 2021



The children are growing fast. As we look over the photos, it’s hard to believe that these are the same children Patricia first met a few years ago. We now have three children that have entered high school: Issa, Zaituni, Archleus.

In January, we succeeded in supplying our children with their school materials and clothing for another year. We were also blessed to meet four new children that we added to our program:

Said, Revina, Pascal, and Shida, a total of 24 students plus Maliki. Shida is a 13 year old girl that is HIV positive and is raised by her grandmother.

We recently learned that Shida has not been attending class because of lack of food, and the medication she takes is very strong for a younggirl with an empty stomach. And so the foundation has offeredto provide Shida and her grandmother with food, so that her grandmother can focus on Shida’s other needs.


Maliki is growing fast too. In December , we had asked
him what was his Christmas wish and he once again asked for
a day at the pool with his family and friends eating good food.
And so we organized an outing for him to go swimming with
those close to him. We also provided him with a pair of
crutches to be able to stand, even if only for short intervals.
Unfortunately, we have noticed that his condition has been
worsening, and we are working hard to set up an appointment
with one of the four neurologists in Tanzania, as suggested by
his doctor.

We are trying to get more involved in our children’s health and education and so we have been inquiring on their school report cards. We have noticed that the majority of our children are in the lower percentile of their class due to their disadvantaged situations.

Many of our children are being raised by their grandmothers or aunts or neighbors and we even have our two young cousins that are on their own. The economic situation and education level of the children’s caretakers do not allow them to fully help the children with their schooling.

Our hope is to provide them with an after school tutor that can help each child with their educational needs. We have three villages: Ifakara, Morogoro and Iringa. We will start with one group and hopefully, if successful, provide tutoring for all our children.

We also hope to empower two mothers from our Morogoro group.  Joseph and Juliet’s mother is living with aids raising seven children on her own. She presently sells homemade alcohol to make ends meet. We remember meeting her in her home, a dark cramped room where all eight of them lived, a room so small that we had to squeeze through the door. It would only slightly open as the bed was in the way. Arisitides, our Tanzanian leader, has found a centre offering entrepreneurial workshops in sewing, soap making, candle making, oils, and decorations. In the samevillage, we have Micheal’s mother who sells bananas by the roadside, and has shown interest in learning how to sew. Our hope is to offer these struggling mothers an opportunity to gain confidence and skills to empower them, their homes and their community.


Sri Lanka
The covid situation at Doloswala Rubber Estate is difficult. Father Jeewantha, the community’s spiritual leader, had caught covid but is now doing well. The whole country is under strict conditions, school is cancelled and there is no internet for online classes in such a remote area as Doloswala.
Until the recent situation, Ashan was doing well in his studies as we were continuing to support him through tutoring at home and his sister has been accepted at university, another success story from the plantation. We have our little friend Siraj who is sick, he suffers from a weak heart. We remember watching him play with the others, he was always full of laughter, but his mother would be sick with worry as his condition requires that he shouldn’t exert too much energy.

We provide Siraj and his family a small monthly allocation for his medication, as life on the plantation doesn’t provide for much extra income. Father Jeewantha and the community are building Siraj a private toilet as he is very sensitive to bacteria. He has reached out to us to ask if we are able to contribute to build him a home, or a private room as he lives in a clayhouse which is not recommended for someone with his illness.

We know it has been difficult for many here in Quebec, and we appreciate your support in these uncertain times. We don’t know what the future holds for the foundation as covid spreads throughout the world, but we know that we want to give our best to provide help for the children’s health and education, and that is thanks to you.

On a lighter note, we are exited to share with you our new logo and the t-shirts that we had made for the children and our leaders.

Many blessings from La Fondation Godley







A very special thank you to Kevin and Michele, for their trust and generosity. None of this would be possible without your kindness.

For donations or more information please contact Patricia: [email protected]

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