Small steps to a brighter future!


The Foundation has been to Tanzania twice where Patricia volunteers at Kalembwana Hospital which is a traditional hospital that people turn to when the medical system has failed them or when they simply cannot afford to go anywhere else. Many patients at Kalembwana are suffering from some sort of paralysis and Patricia helps out by doing some physical exercises with them. And as always, she would teach English and mathematics to the local children under the jackfruit tree. It is at Kalembwana where she met Maliki and his grand-mother. They have been her inspiration in pursuing this path in her life. Maliki means messenger, and for the Foundation he really is an angel. He is 13 years old and growing fast. Five years ago he fell ill (he caught malaria and typhoid at the same time) and has been paralyzed since, though he does have movement in his head and hands. The Godley Foundation has purchased Maliki a wheelchair, as well as medical fees and his medical insurance to pursue the appropriate tests to know more about the source of his paralysis.


On Patricia’s second visit to Tanzania, she had great plans to open a home for children, but quickly realized that she still had a lot to learn and to let go of before embarking on such a project. So instead, we decided to help the families, by providing the school supplies for the children. Unfortunately, in a country like Tanzania, if you don’t have a uniform, you cannot attend school. So we raised some funds, and supplied 18 children with their school gear: uniforms, school bag, books, pencils, shoes, socks, ruler and geometry set, and school fees for the daycare children.

We visited 3 villages, Ifakara, Morogoro and Iranga.

We hope to provide these children with their school gear on a yearly basis, getting to know each and every one of them.

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